AMV Culture – Do You Watch AMVs?

Do You Watch AMVs?:

This will be my first post to a compilation or series of posts that I thought would work on my blog.

Anime has been a part of my life since I was about seven years old. I started watching and participating in the AMV community by the time I entered high school. I am now a few years out of College, yet still finding my way through anime and AMVs on a daily basis.

So, yes! I do watch and enjoy AMVs a great deal. As I semi retired AMV editor myself, I cannot help but still check up on other new AMVs coming out. I enjoy seeing what “new” creations one can make. However, I found over the last few years the quality of AMVs slightly declined. This was half the reason to why I stopped editing, the other half – its a hell of a lot of work. I don’t have time for that anymore. Blogging about anime is something that is more easily controllable. I do not have to stay up 24/7 editing one scene. I can stay up a few hours (laughs) typing and working on my writing instead.

What is an AMV you might wonder – being if you have never watched one before.

An AMV is a fan-made music video with animation clips that are paired with audio. Generally, they are made in an editing software with different techniques to create atmospheric, story type settings. Though keep in mind not all AMVs are made this way. Some out there like to bounce around with your favourite dub-step song or dance it up with trance.

The japanese version of an AMV is called a MAD. These music videos are made in the same fashion but instead of using animations, they tend use still images or clips featuring more heavily the work of visual novels.  To help these music videos flow a lot of motion graphic work is used. You can find most of these videos on Niconico.

Lastly, I’ve picked a couple of AMVs to start this post series off. 

1. Our Tapes by Umika & ZEVS1993

2. Ballad of the Nice Guy by MysteriousRyder

3. Futuristic Lover by Okami


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