My Picks – Top Anime Endings for Spring

Quiet late to be getting this up. I was able to sit down today and go through my ending folder to decide on my top six endings for this Spring. I really wanted to put Captain Earth on here, and thought it would have a spot for sure. But after going through everything I realized it would be more #7. If you haven’t seen my top openings yet, you can read about them here.

1. M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~

If you haven’t watched this anime yet, you should!  This ending matches its opening so well. It adds mystery while it plays with its eery atmosphere. It’s not too sad or too happy. You can see throughout this ending a lot of the story that we have yet to learn.

“ego-izm” by la la larks

2. Black Bullet

I have only watched a few episodes of this anime so far. I really need to marathon the rest already. Not sure what pulled me into this opening. I just think it’s a beautiful ending. The song is soft and plays along well with the innocent scenes.

“Tokohana” by Nagi Yanagi

3. Isshuukan Friends.

So so cute. A nice cute song to go along with a cute anime, really. This has been one of the best animes this Spring. Every episode I have watched has been amazing.

“Kanade” by Sora Amamiya

4. No Game, No Life

I still have no watched this anime yet but it doesn’t mean I wont check out the opening and ending. Even without watching this series – you can feel the emotion between these two. The opening really is the same. Shows their close bond. I loved how it’s like how their paths met and how they are still together.

“Oración” by Ai Kayano

5. Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi

Not watching this anime nor probably ever will. I just simply like the animation for this. The single character (Flameu) following along with a song. One of my favourite ending types.

“Fuyumidori” by Haruka Shimotsuki

6. Hitsugi no Chaika

Ahhh, Chaika. Seriously, I’m obsessed with this character. Again, this is one of those solo character endings. There is a couple of scenes thrown in of Akari and Toru but it’s barely noticeable over Chaika. The song is amazing. It sounds like there are a few girls singing this, but I think it’s overlapping of a single singer. Not sure if many people have heard of BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution. It’s an OVA of a visual novel called Baldr Force. The ending here has similar pretty silhouettes of the girl character.

Kairaku Genri (Pleasure Theory)” by Coffin Princess


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