Aldnoah.Zero – Ep.03


Another great episode this week. Inaho and his friends come up with a plan to take down Trillram and his Kataphrakt. It’s not at all surprising these kids are smart enough to realize the limitations that are on place for the Kataphrakt. Most likely all the Kataphrakt. One can assume that it will be Inaho taking the lead with figuring out how to destroy them all.

Marito is given a landing craft from Darzana Magbaredge who later boards the ship with him in order to save Yuki, the civilians with her, and his students. At this point it’s slowly setting the stage for our crew that will be taking on the Martians.

Princess Asseylum asks to join in on the decoy party much to Eddelrittuo dismay along with Rayet. They head out at dawn with their first step in their plan to take out the cameras that allow Trillram to see. Asseylum takes in some joy firing her first weapon up into the sky as well as releases some information about the aircraft Slaine is driving. Once they are at their rendezvous spot, Asseylum decides its time to reveal her true identity. She steps out against Trillram and with a glowing light transforms into her true self.

Inaho, Calm, and Inko continue their plan until Trillram is destroyed.

Now with Princess Asseylum revealed, Trillram tells Slaine they must make sure to kill her this time. Slaine decides to take this matter into his own hands stealing Trillram’s gun. With shaking legs, he kills Trillram with a various number of shots.

Slaine’s loyalty lies only with the Princess, but will he be able to join her from here? Not sure. It seems like the logical thing for him to do is to go to her immediately, but maybe he will try going to Cruhteo instead. Cruhteo’s Landing Castle is in danger after all, not that Slaine knows this though. It’s a bit too easy for Slaine to be with the Princess now, since we are barely into the show. We will have to wait another week to find out Slaine’s fate. I hope he will join the Princess as soon as episode four starts. I wouldn’t want to see someone who has so far presented himself as fragile be torn between someone he cares about and what the other Martians want him to do.


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