Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Ep.03

Image1A new character model?

With continuation from last weeks episode we are still looking for character models for Nozaki’s manga. Mikorin takes this opportunity to introduce us to one of his friends, Yuu Kashima. Not only does this excite Chiyo, but she also has a revelation that Mikorin is cheating on his manga character counterpart. While this brings some humorous parts into the show, it also questions whether Chiyo has a grasp on fiction and reality. She has a little breakdown and ends up running into Nozaki who joins in on the fret with her.

Yuu appears in time to show herself as the “Prince of the School”. One of the few – if not first – androgynous type character I have seen in an anime. While she clearly presents herself as female, everyone around her views her more on her masculine features. The girls flock to her, in which she acts just like a Prince to them – calling them Princesses. Yuu takes her role as Prince seriously and is very comfortable in her own skin.

Next up on the agenda comes Masayuki Hori. Hori brings in another dose of humour with his acts of violence towards Yuu. President of the Drama Club, and very good at acting you’d think he’d be taking part in the plays himself. However, he has other goals. Besides helping Nozaki with the background work in his manga, he is constantly running around after Yuu. He will go to such great lengths to escort her to Drama Club just so he can help flourish and watch her potential grow – simply because he believes in her.

Overall, this episode was good. Between looking right at Nozaki, and looking left at Yuu. Chiyo is still deeply stuck in her love dilemma. I don’t think Mikorin or Yuzuki will be able to pull her out of it anytime soon. With not so high hopes on her feelings being reciprocated anytime soon, I am looking forward to the comedy that will continue presenting each week.

I have contemplated checking out the manga, but I’m not sure. If any of you are keeping up with please give me your ratings on it.


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