Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal – Ep.02


With this week’s episode comes our next Scout, Sailor Mercury, or Ami Mizuno. With perfect grades and lots of studying, Ami’s IQ reaches that of 300. There’s no doubt that she is “the brain” between all of the Scouts.

With some help from Luna, who plays Kyubey for the majority of this episode. Usagi ends up meeting Ami for the first time. The two spend sometime together at the arcade where Ami plays a video game. After winning the video game, Ami receives a pen that later acts as her transformation stick.

After learning that Ami is being brainwashed by the Crystal Seminar. Usagi goes out to help her where she is forced to transform in front of Ami. It’s not long though before Sailor Mercury awakens and with little help from Luna. She unleashes her Aqua Mist in time for Tuxeda Mask to grab Sailor Moon to safety. Sailor Moon then uses her Moon Tiara Boomerang defeating Garoben.

The girls then proceed to spend some time together. Their newly made friendship growing steadily. Next time we will get to meet our next Scout, Sailor Mars. Rei Hino is my personal favourite from all the Scouts. I’m glad there isn’t any time-wasting between collecting all the Scouts.

I am hoping that Sailor Mars’s transformation sequence will be a little better than Sailor Mercury’s was to Sailor Moon. I think the main reason why Mercury’s transformation sequence ended up looking a bit better was due to the fact that there was never much focus on the other Scouts when they’d transform. The main focus had, and has always been with Sailor Moon’s transformation.



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