Free! Eternal Summer – Ep.03-04


Free continues to set a nice pace as we head into the next couple episodes. Rei realizes that unlike Haruka he wants to learn to swim different styles. He takes it upon himself to keep his practice sessions with Rin secret. This causes an uneasiness with everyone as they think Rei might be training to go back onto the track team. They take detective measures, with the help of Gou, till they find Rei swimming with Rin. Rei is overjoyed by all their compliments he receives after showing everyone his new style. With all the bromance and emotions the team still stands strong together.


We get a good look into Rin and Sousuke’s friendship since they were young kids. With a small incident Rin decided that it was better for Sousuke and himself not to swim on the same relay team. This is due to the reasons they each hold when it comes to swimming. Sousuke feels no matter what he is doing in the water, he is swimming alone even with the relay. Rin feels the relay is a team part of swimming because you have to rely on each other. Upon learning that Rin’s swimming strength comes from his friends. Sousuke decides he wants to be apart of the relay. The two battle it off with Sousuke winning with a high chance of taking the butterfly style in the relay. With Rin taking the freestyle it’ll be interesting to see who gets picked for the other two spots on the relay team.

Between Gou’s cute moments and the bonds between friendships being displayed. Free is keeping up a good spot so far with the Summer Season. It looks like the focus will turn to Nagisa in the next episode. I’m not sure what type of worries Nagisa might have since he is usually a very happy character. It’ll be good to see a different part of him shown.




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