Zankyou no Terror – Ep.03


“A name is usually a gift of love. But for those of you who have been abandoned, love does not exist. Signs of pretense like that must be eliminated. I will now give you new names to be called.”

A small look into the upbringing of Nine and Twelve. With their names stripped away and only given a number in order to void all emotional connections to their past lives. It’s not surprising these boys would hold some sort of hate or revenge in their bomb plotting. The boys, I believe were separated from the girls as we watch Twelve and Nine glance over a barred wall at the yet to be introduced, Five. Its shown in Nine’s flashbacks that something happened to Five when they made their escape. This person is also the source of pain for each of the boys who do not want to detach themselves to Lisa. In fear of having the same pain brought up again.

Lisa has decided to escape her problems and take control over her life. The bullies at school continue to torment her while her Mother’s emotional abuse eats at her. In a last effort to escape she calls Twelve, but the call is left unanswered. This does not derail her as she still leaves her home in the middle of the night. Her character is slowly coming to terms with herself and the path she wants to take. She must feel a form of security with Twelve and Nine who were the first people to open up to her. Even with their destructive path, it’s still a changeable one – one that is different from her current life.

Then there is Shibasaki. Who within the time frame given by Sphinx is able to solve the riddle and disarm the bomb. He is both vigilant and intuitive. He also has a dark, painful past like Twelve ad Nine. Being a second generation atomic bomb victim from Hiroshima. He knows the plutonium the boys have stolen is not candy to play with. While he may not know the full intent of Twelve and Nine he isn’t afraid to confront them head on.

While the police have been able to connect the bombing and the stolen plutonium to the Sphinx duel. We are still left with a lot of questions about the purpose Twelve and Nine are taking. Its unclear what Lisa plans to do at this moment as well. Shibasaki has a family apparently, but he is so fallen apart with no glimpse of his family in sight. Did he leave them behind? Could Lisa by chance be his daughter which will create a deeper complex to the story. A daughter of a detective, whom was left and due to her upbringing turns terrorist. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome for everyone involved.


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