Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Ep.12-16


Well its time for a round-up review of Mahouka. As I previously mentioned I am no longer reviewing this anime weekly, but in bundles.

It seems the Nine Schools Competition Arc is still continuing and coming close to its end. The sabotaging for Magic High School starts with its first victim, Mari. Who ends up severely injured and unable to continue on in the Competition. Miyuki takes her place in the Official Mirage of Bat Event.

The Rookie Events start with Shizuku taking in an impressive perfect score in the Speed Shooting Event. Honoka does well in her preliminaries making it onto the finals where she scores a win. Miyuki and Shizuku battle it off in the Ice Pillars Break Event. It’s almost seen as a battle for Tatsuya with Miyuki winning her brother. Shizuku takes the loss hard but Honoka is there to cheer her up.


Finally, Tatsuya ends being asked to compete in the Monolith Code Rookie Event. He shows both the opponent and his teammates one of his special abilities, Gram Demolition. Proving it was in fact him who disarmed the car that tried to hit the buses on their first day of traveling to the Competition. With the finals coming in next Tatsuya enters the battle field with Mikihiko and Leo against Masaki, George, and an unnamed student. The battle goes well until Masaki accidentally fires too many shots towards Tatsuya. Panic mixed with shock hits Masaki as he realizes he will end up killing Tatsuya. However, upon being hit with two fatal shots Tatsuya’s other special ability kicks in. His Self-Restoration activates and within seconds he regains his footing knocking Masaki out. Mikihiko and Leo then make quick work with George, knocking him and the unnamed student out.

At the very end we have a beautiful moment between the two siblings. Miyuki is crying hard towards her brother who stands there smiling proudly at her.

My opinion of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei has not changed. With only one more episode, maybe two left of this Arc it’ll head into the final Arc for the show. There’s still so many questions popping up in my mind that I have no doubt, that they will be left unanswered. Tatsuya continues to be invincible, attracting all the girls his way. Miyuki keeps acting blindly with her love affection towards her brother, who does not see her the same way. Everyone else is just there for sidelines and scenery. For me its a complete waste of the number of episodes that has been giving for this show. I just hope the next Arc actually focuses on Tatsuya and Miyuki in an upfront way.


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