Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen – Ep.04


Amongst all the chaos and traveling we finally get to settle down in episode four of Shirogane no Ishi. Everyone is relieved to enjoy some time relaxing and the possibility of a shower seeing as they haven’t had that luxury for a while now.

Samonji undergoes an interrogation where he admits he let men and equipment perish for his own squad. Samonji keeps his cold self against the two men asking him questions. It is then revealed that the fate of the Argevollen will be up to him. Even with been giving this opportunity, Samonji keeps his intentions to himself. It’s a bit of a shame for Saori to have to work under someone who is so secretive. It really makes it hard to figure out what one is thinking, or wanting to do.

Tokimune spends the downtime by himself thinking over his latest actions before members of his squad interrupt. The squad take their anger out on Tokimune for his actions, calling him selfish. Proving they are more selfish than Tokimune. No one is telling them to do the same, nor does he ask them to risk their lives for his. Samonji later tells Tokimune he does not think his actions were wrong and that the Argevollen is now in his care. We also get a glimpse into Tokimune’s reasons for joining the Arandas Military. His sister was once a part of it before she was killed.

With the weight of the war hitting Jamie hard, she is given a predicament of having to stay with the squad (and Argevollen) or be fired. This comes as a hard task for her  –  to leave the comforts of safe quarters into the unknown of war. If only she had allowed Tokimune to boot the Argevollen up from the start, she would be free to go back to her normal life. After been given her orders, Jamie wonders out to think about her choices when she spots Tokimune walking. She follows him to a grave site where she hears him give a speech to his sister. This will ultimately help her decide to stay with Tokimune and the squad.

For the moment the show is still flowing slowly. I did enjoy the nice down time this episode provided but with only being four episodes in. It’s hard to see what is really going to be happening for this anime. It’s not completely clear to me what both sides of the war are wanting out of this, and now with Tokimune’s story being added into it. It leaves a lot chaos to come. It will also be interesting to see what more of a part Jamie can play.


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