Sword Art Online II – Ep.04


On a one percent chance Kirito enters Gun Gale Online. Noticing he has long hair Kirito takes a glance into the mirror to find himself resembling a female avatar. A random guy immediately comes to him claiming he is a F-1300 type, however, Kirito is actually a M-9000 type. A rare result caused from the system misinterpreting the players brain waves.

An avatar type that I’ve seen lot of different criticism about on forums. Does it really matter if Kirito looks female? No. I think with videos games it quite normal for males and females to choose their opposite genders. So why in this virtual game would it matter if Kirito came out looking more feminine than masculine. I understand that its a malfunction in the system that felt he was more female than male. I’ve also read that its due to certain amount of play time an individual has acquired. In any case whether if you were to get the F-1300 or the M-9000 it would be a unique trait to have tied to your avatar.


Unfortunately, this rare type works in two different ways for Kirito. He is either womanized by all the male players in the game since female players are little to none. Or he is lucky to come across a female player who mistakes him for female and aids him in learning the basics of the game – like Shino.

Shino shows Kirito around where he decides to play a gambling game called Let’s Challenge: Untouchable. The purpose of the game is dodge the bullets being fired from NPC gunman till you reach the end of the ramp and tag the gunman. This will earn you the money pool that has gathered from other players attempts at playing. Kirito wins gaining himself over 300K. This makes it easier for him to obtain a weapon. He picks something right up his alley, an energy sword called Photon Sword (Kagemitsu G4). In order to join the Bullet of Bullets Tournament, Kirito also picks up a small handgun called FN Five-Seven.

The two of them then make their way to registered for the Bullet of Bullets Tournament with very little time left on the countdown.



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