Aldnoah.Zero – Ep.04


While the first three episodes of Aldnoah Zero were really amazing, I felt this episode lacked a bit.

First, we have Slaine who has gone back to the Martians. This isn’t something of a shock for me as I knew it would be too easy for him to just fly over to Asseylum’s side. What annoys me about this though is how he’s given some back bone only for it to be taken away. He has become Cruhteo’s slapping dog all over again. He’s scared to turn to any of the Martians for help. He lies about Trillram’s death, and about the Princess being alive. Instead he asks to go out into battle. To what? Fight against Terrans, Asseylum, or to try to rendezvous with the Princess for real this time? I’m not quiet sure about his purpose yet.

Second, we have Inaho who now has to deal with a hypotheses come real. He has seen Asseylum reveal herself twice now along with Rayet. Instead of telling Yuki and those on board the ship he decides to keep the Princess wishes – by not telling anyone. This is very dangerous for him. He’s not stupid about it either. When the Princess thinks she must reveal herself again, Inaho immediately jumps in between. He goes into battle against a new Martian Knight along with Calm and Inko. Inaho understands how dangerous the situation is for Asseylum too. Being on board a ship full of humans hating on the Martians, and having Martian traitors lurking anywhere. The best place for the Princess is in her human form. Inaho is going to make sure she remains safe.

Finally and thirdly, we have Rayet. Part of the assassination group she knows more than anyone on this ship. She is well aware of her position and is willing to use it to her advantage if need be. Unlike Inaho, Rayet isn’t going to easily trust the Princess especially after her Father was killed by Trillram. With trust broken by the Martians and humans, she only has herself. She shows that too with keeping herself locked away in the hood of her sweater. It’ll be interesting to see as the war goes on, how far she will be pushed before she reveals her secrets and the Princesses. Will she try to kill the Princess herself ? It’s a possibility that could happen.

On another note. I had planned to get this up and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Ep.04, but Nozaki-kun will have to wait till another day. Unsure if it’ll be up tomorrow or the day after so keep a look out.


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