Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Ep.04


And we’re back for this week’s episode with less Chiyo.

While having less Chiyo in the episode is a little saddening it was good to see the bonding/ friendship between Nozaki and Mikorin. Mikorin stays the night in order to get some love advice from Nozaki who isn’t as knowledgeable on love as everyone would think. They play a video game about love where Nozaki ends up playing first his manga character Suzuki before switching over to himself. Nozaki while playing himself picks a female character that resembles Chiyo in appearance. By picking the Chiyo character it brings up a lot of questions as to if Nozaki likes Chiyo.

However, those thoughts are quickly turned down as we see Nozaki looking at spoilers for the game revealing this female character to be the easiest route to play. Mikorin later calls Chiyo for help with the game where we get to see Chiyo’s happy meter reach MAX.


For the second half of the episode Chiyo comes back into the scene more. She visits Nozaki early in the morning where she is shocked to see the boys have created a BL version for the female love game they were playing. Mikorin is later invited to a mixer where Nozaki and Chiyo try to help him get over his fears but it doesn’t work. Mikorin asks Kashima to take his place at the mixture instead.

Between the numerous bathroom visits, Kashima’s grace of stealing all the girls at the mixer, and Chiyo’s many outburst regarding Nozaki. Episode four of  Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun was great.



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