Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen – Ep.05


This show is so uneventful,  I forgot I was reviewing it. I am slightly pushing myself through this one to see if  it’ll get better, but it hasn’t at all as of yet. The only thing it has going so far is the OST. I will probably watch one or two more episodes before deciding if I’ll drop it or not.

You really have to enjoy the attempts Jamie makes at trying to not get involved with Tokimune’s past. She turns away from him many times but keeps getting lured back into his words. Tokimune just keeps voicing his heart to her about what happened to his sister regardless of Jamie’s protests. Jamie is not hesitant to voice her own opinions onto Tokimune about the situation he’s in and what he wants. She even makes a bold choice at phoning her boss to voice this opinion as well.

Out of everyone, Jamie is my favourite character. She voices her opinion well and takes her job seriously. Gathering information and making sure the Argevollen runs is key to her position. She is stuck in a war with not many options at leaving due to a machine that is run by an immature pilot.  Tokimune is far from understanding her.


On top of everything that has happened between the two. Tokimune goes in to ask Jamie if she is in love with him. She declines her love for him, but does she hold any feelings for him at all? I think a part of her could. It is not uncommon for girls to call the people they like idiot, or to complain so much about them either. This may be something Tokimune has picked up on himself. Hence, he has calculated Jamie’s feelings as love, not so much about her thoughts of being involved in the war.


This review is  short but there isn’t much to really talk about regarding the episode. I hope everyone’s weekend is going well. Most of my delayed posts will be up soon starting with Zankyou no Terror then followed by Sword Art Online II.


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