Sword Art Online II – Ep.05


This episode was pretty simple. Shino continues to show Kirito around once they arrive at the Bullet of Bullets registration. Unknown to Kirito, you must enter your real personal information for the sign ups. Kirito gets flustered by this and by Shino, entering his form in blank. It’s easy to see how the Death Gun is able to locate the players with such information being within the system.

Shino later finds out Kirito is male not female which Kirito earns a slap. Kirito is also ignored by Shino till she gives in and tells him a bit more information about the tournament. The two decide to become enemies wanting to defeat each other. This makes Kirito wary that Shino may be the Death Gun.


The tournament begins with Kirito being the first to step inside. He faces off against a man named Uemaru where we get to see his renown sword abilities. He deflects Uemaru’s bullets until he is up close enough to stab him, winning his first match.


Once he returns to the waiting room he finds Shino has entered her match. Then the Death Gun avatar decides to step up behind Kirito, alarming him. He has become a target to the Death Gun. Kirito immediately realizes that he has met this avatar before in SAO. Glimpses of the people he’s met cross his memory as he tries to figure out who this player is. The Death Gun at a higher advantage than Kirito. While the Death Gun lowers his arm, Kirito gets a glance at the tattoo branded under his coverings from the Laughing Coffin. A guild known from SAO for killing players.



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