Zankyou no Terror – Ep.04


Heart warming. That is what this episode made you feel. It takes a while to get to this feeling with the police running around trying to find the bomb before Shibazaki can figure out the riddle, but we reach it in good motion. Its unfortunate the police decide to ignore Shibazaki resulting in all the investigation reports being leaked out online about the Sphinx pair.


Lisa has spent many days wandering around the city by herself. She continues to ignore her Mother’s texts but keeps looking towards Twelve. Twelve finds himself in a really hard place. He knows she has run away as he tracks her on his cellphone, but cannot reach out to her due to Nine. He doesn’t want to betray him, or get involved deeper with Lisa himself.

Twelve pushes himself to meet up with Lisa. They have a small talk where Lisa admits she was looking for a saviour. To be taken from her current lifestyle into something new. She is ashamed and feels stupid for thinking Twelve (and Nine) were going to take her with them. Its unclear what she will do at this point until she runs into two police officers. It is in this moment you begin to feel the warmth of the relationship that has been building between Twelve and Lisa. Twelve decides to rescue her. It can almost bring you to tears as you watch Lisa run towards Twelve before the two of them drive off on Twelve’s motorcycle.


Beautiful music plays as Twelve and Lisa continue down the highway where Lisa asks Twelve if he is going to destroy the whole world. A simple question that brings the both of them into a bond of laughs. A laugh Lisa hasn’t felt in a long time. I really feel in this moment that Lisa has never once thought about turning them in. She has been able to see Twelve and Nine for what they were doing and who they are. Never once making bad assumptions of them nor caring about their destructive ways.

When they arrive at Nine and Twelve’s home. Nine immediately says no to Twelve, but Twelve begins to persuade him. With Lisa collapsing at their door they will have no choice but to bring her inside. I doubt Twelve would give up on her that easily now, anyway.


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