Aldnoah.Zero – Ep.05


This episode was a step up for me compared to last week’s episode.

Between all the characters, Slaine’s path still feels off. Besides his path being off, he is the most interesting character to focus on for Aldnoah Zero. We get to see a glimpse of how the Princess and Slaine met. Slaine crash landed into the Princess’s domain where she used a method of mouth to mouth resuscitation to stop the fluid buildup that was suffocating Slaine. This opened his airways allowing him to take a breathe of air while the Princess smiled at him.

aldnoah_ep5_i2Slaine continues to seek justice in figuring out the situation regarding the Princess. I’m not sure if at first he really wanted to go into the battlefield for revenge or if it was to find the Princess. The Martians continue to look at Slaine as impudent, especially thinking he wants to jump quickly within the ranks.

While on Cruhteo’s Castle, Slaine is able to find a device that transports him directly to Mars. Slaine is then able to communicate with the Emperor himself, Rayregalia Vers Rayvers. The Emperor remembers who Slaine is even in his fragile state. With the truth out, Slaine leaves the Emperor only for Saazbaum to appear. It would seem Slaine has been set up as a traitor. What will happen to him now? Or will Saazbaum let him be?

aldnoah_ep5_i4There is a little note Saazbaum adds at the end remarking how Slaine’s actions are ironic towards his Fathers. I think this can be taken a couple of ways. Either Slaine is really be viewed as a traitor while his Father was not. Or Slaine’s Father was a traitor all along, and Slaine is choosing to not betray the Vers family as his Father did with helping build this plan. Anyway, it’s just a theory of my own. I’ve seen a few people come up with the same theory, so it’ll be a different development to see if its true.


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